Thank You Creative Loafing!

Posted by Sara O'Brien on

We were super delighted to be a last minute add to Creative Loafing's Spring Hops at the Coliseum this past weekend. What an incredible crowd and experience! Here's a few thoughts about the event: First of all the Coliseum is beautiful, we had never actually been inside of the place. It felt like walking into a part of history and was decorated perfectly for Spring Hops. Everyone we came in contact with, especially Gina, our marketing contact was so friendly and accommodating. We felt right at home which is a nice feeling, especially when you're new to an event and you're not sure what you're getting into. The patrons we're out of this world! Everyone was super receptive to our designs and very excited to see us there. We're slowly creating a buzz in the community and couldn't be happier about it! Thank you to everyone who picked up a shirt, stopped by to discuss our designs, or just offered up friendly conversation. We we're overwhelmed by the generosity and kindness from everyone. The music was fabulous, it was great to hear some new sounds coming through the speakers, it helped keep the positive energy flowing throughout the entire place! And lastly the notch! We partook as the day went on and really enjoyed experiencing new flavors and meeting the brewers themselves. Shout out to Tampa Bay Brewing & Cigar City which I have to say offered up some darn tasty IPA's. I'm feeling the hops lately! We'll keep you posted on our next event...keep it Wide Sky Tampa Bay!

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