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Posted by Sara O'Brien on

Despite the rain, wind and cold weather, what a hell of a turn out we saw at Localtopia 2016! Props to those who traveled in from all over the Tampa Bay as well. I have to say that I'm seriously humbled at how kind and excited people continue to be about what we're creating.

Our newest release "Choose Wisely," which is a play on the bridges of Tampa Bay, was a hit this past weekend. I must individually talked to over 20 people about their daily frustrations in commuting back and forth between Tampa and St. Pete. I can tell you I designed that shirt for a reason. I've commuted to Tampa from St. Pete for 11 years now and it has only gotten worse. It's really a bummer when you love to live in a area so much, but are deterred to travel to specific areas just because of the awful traffic. Only hoping that plans will continue to move forward in making our area more commuter and tourist friendly!

It was so nice to meet new fans and reconnect with re-peat customers. We love that you love our shirts and we'll continue to do our best to make you laugh. Rain or shine, make it a Wide Sky day!


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